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Michael In France

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

France is a beautiful country with an abundance of fine foods, sites, and more.

The journey lasted for 7 days in the city of Nice. There we stayed at a hotel named, "Hotel NH". The hotel was amazing it featured a rooftop pool and restaurant, giving a 360 view of Nice.

Rooftop view looking out over the city of Nice, France.

View of more homes in the eventide. The panorama at night was stunning, If I had a 

Better camera, peoples breaths would be taken by the ambiance.

We met some welcoming people on the rooftop.

The first of many sips of WIne I had in France, Fun fact the drinking age in most European countries is 16. The Food portions are also much smaller than in the United States.

  Having my photograph taken off guard in the rooftop pool.

Here is Saint Paul de Vence, This medieval town which is among the oldest in the French Riviera, Features several stores including modern and contemporary art galleries.

 An inner look of St. Paul. The architectural design was unique, It made for an exciting experience.

A city view of Monaco, All Monaco residents are stated to be of royalty or very rich,

Making it a very prosperous country.

    The exterior of Saint Nicholas Cathedral in Monaco.

The Inside of St. Nicholas Cathedral.

Hanging with security in Ventimiglia, Italy

Spending time with security in Ventimiglia, Italy. 

  The picture bears an interesting story, France is right next to this city located in Italy. 

We were originally not going to bring our passports for reasons still unknown to this day, but decided to bring them anyway. Ventimiglia is a town that harbors many refugees from Sudan. When heading back to the train station, Two refugees followed us to try and get on the train. 

The officers stopped all of us at the entrance and asked for Passports, 

Had we not had our passports, we would've been stuck in Italy.

 A beach bar, One interesting thing about beaches in France is they have rocks instead 

Of sand.

      Enjoying a nice drink on the beach side bar. France is a lovely country with lovely people, I encourage people to check it out if they are able to.

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