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Three Positions I want The Cowboys to Address this Off-season

With Free agency beginning on march 18th, There are critical positions that will change this team for the better. The Cowboys have a lot of areas to fill due to the amount of players that are leaving the team in free agency. Here are 3 Positions that should be addressed to transform the Dallas Cowboys.

1. Defensive Tackle

For the last few years one of the weakest parts of the Cowboys defense has been the middle! Teams completely destroy use using the run game and Quarterbacks are able to step into the pocket at will, making it harder for the guys coming of the edge to make an impact. The reason for us being deficient in this area for so long is due to having a lack of size in the middle. Former Cowboys defensive coordinator wanted guys who were undersized but were quick and could rush the quarterback. The want for more finesse in an area that required strength was huge problem and we paid dearly for it with losses featuring C.J Anderson running for over 120 yards in the divisional round back in 2018.

Here are some guys available I would like to see us make a run at.

Damon "Snacks" Harrison

Although 31-years-old, He can provide a much-needed presence in the middle of the D-line. On paper, you would think his last few years haven't been good at all especially only having 2.0 sacks this past season but hear me out. All he would have to do is hold his ground, plug holes in and being 351 pounds will help him do that. He does this quite well might I add.

Linval Joseph

The Former Minnesota Vikings Pro Bowler was just cut due to financial reasons. Bringing him in on a 2-year deal seems fair factoring in his age as well. This would be a huge upgrade as Joseph has pass-rushing capabilities

A player feared among opposing offensive lineman will surely allow our defense to control the middle much more efficiently. Forcing teams to take the long way to the end-zone will increase turnover opportunities and loss of yardage.

Derrick Brown

This is one bad man. The Auburn player and top defensive Tackle in this year's draft have everything you want, explosiveness, size, strength. He's an absolute monster all around, He makes plays, creates turnovers and is always disruptive no matter what.

The only problem is will the Cowboys pick high enough to get him. He's projected to be gone by at the latest the 12th pick and the cowboys pick 17th :(. Hopefully he falls to us, trading up 5 picks in the draft will be very difficult to do because of the amount of capital it would cost.

2. Defensive Backs

To put it simply, We need Ball hawks. This defensive backfield's inability to jump routes and put fear into the hearts of opposing Quarterbacks is shameful, to say the least. There are times where they just allow the ball to hit them right in their faces. We to flip field position, We have to help our offense, The additions of Maurice Linguist and Al Harris to coach the defensive backfield will change things systematically, But we need player talent to go with it especially since we are moving on from Byron Jones.

LSU Safety Grant Delpit

Can play in the box or center field, It doesn't matter the LSU safety will make plays regardless. The energy and swagger this young man possess will create a new attitude for this defensive backfield. Safety has been an issue for many years, We've lacked a playmaker back there for too long. Delpit would fix that and then some.

Trevon Diggs Alabama

Great ball Skills is the first thing that comes to mind. As the younger brother of Vikings Wide Receiver Stefon Diggs and also being a former receiver himself, it would be expected. But if you combine this with his cover ability and you have something big here. Like I said before we need ball hawks and this guy tied as the leader for interceptions at Alabama with 3. Which is more than what each player on the Cowboys had this past season.

Special teams

As mentioned in previous entries, The special teams unit was catastrophically bad last year. The didn't do anything to help the team and instead helped the opponent. Luckily, Head Coach Mike McCarthy added a powerful special teams coordinator to the staff in John Fassal. Here are some players he could look at to boost this unit.

Greg Zuerlein Kicker

Zuerlein played under Fassal on the Los Angeles Rams so there's already chemistry between them. Zuerlein is also a very reliable Kicker and would be a much-needed kicker over Brett Maher.

Kai Forbath Kicker

After relieving Brett Maher of his duties towards the end of the season, Forbath stepped in and didn't miss a single kick out of the 11 he kicked. His audition went well and wouldn't mind giving him another shot.

Braden Mann Punter From Texas A&M

Chris Jones's time has come and gone. We need to replace him, Jones did not have a good last couple of years and his kicks are being short far too often.

Henry Ruggs III WR/Return Specialist

A lethal weapon at the Wide Receiver position but that's a conversation for another day. Ruggs is very shifty and has blazing speed. He will always be a threat to return a kick for a touchdown or at the least gain a lot of yardage.

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