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Railbiking In the Redwoods

The Redwood National Park, located near Fort Bragg,

Is a sight to see with trees as high as the eye can see and all kinds of animals. It is similar to being inside of an enchanted forest from those fairy-tales.

Railbiking is what it sounds like, you get on a bike that is connected to train rails, and you pedal.

Here is an example below

The bicycle has an electric component, My friend on the right of me was controlling the console. You could change your speed which makes pedaling either more difficult or easier. The easier it is the faster you go.

More footage of railbiking, It was a difficult task to film due to holding having to hold the phone without dropping it. We rode our bikes into a dining area in the middle of the forest. There was a train tunnel which, according to the tour guide, was excavated by four men in the 1800's.

Here is a view of the lunch area.

We did a small hike after eating lunch. Some of these trees look like elves live in them.

This part of the redwoods also have bears, the tour guides had bear spray on hand. Bear poop was also spotted.

An excellent way to end our trip with a beach view. Railbiking was quite the experience, The redwood forest was a sight to behold.

Hope you all enjoyed another adventure with me, Have a great day.

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