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Putting Work Into Yourself

The amount of time we put into ourselves will allow us to grow. This past year one thing I've realized is that the only people that will always be with you forever is Jesus Christ and Yourself. As stated in a previous post, People come and go all the time ranging from family members to friends. The person you will always have to deal with is yourself.

We have to work hard on ourselves, whatever issues we are trying to hide needs to be confronted. Things may seem hopeless, but there are people out there who are willing to fight alongside you with whatever you are going through.

Hard work pays off in everything you do, I always make the NBA 2k analogy. In 2k you have Virtual Currency or VC. When you create a Basketball player you need VC in order to improve their overall. VC can also be used for a variety of things such as shoes, clothing, Boost and more. If you always spend your VC on clothing items and shoes, how will your player get better? In order to get him to a 99 overall, you must put VC into said player. The same can be said about life, You can choose to indulge in what is portrayed as a necessity like getting a Gf/ Bf, Partying, Gambling. But If you never put that same time in yourself, It's all a waste. This is not to say, having fun isn't okay, but it is the intent behind it. Many participate in these affairs in order to fill something they feel is missing. Those things will not fill the void or quench your thirst and will leave you wanting more and more. Improving ourselves and growing as people is a tough challenge given all the distractions we face in todays world.

We have to discover our purpose in life, never allow anyone to distract us from that. Never be afraid to be on that journey, never be afraid to fail. When you fall get back up and keep moving forward, Anything in life that is worth it will be hard to get.

When your God given gift is discovered, It's a way of leaving an impact on the world only you could make. Many of us never live to uncover our gifts. Uncover what we are truly capable of as individuals. That gift can be anything ranging from sports to science.

Remember to enjoy life every day is not promised.

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