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Castello DI Amorosa

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Castello DI Amorosa was a winery castle built in the 13th century, located in Napa, California. I spent my 22nd birthday here and learned new things about wine.

The castle featured amazing architectural design.

A look at the main entrance of the castle. Approaching those doors felt like I was in a Disney movie. Those pillars on top of the castle give a fantastic view of the surrounding vineyards.

Here we have a zoo like area in the yard of the castle. Multiple animals were here, but peacocks in particular.

Here is an ostrich that came out to greet everyone.

A dining room that goes back hundreds of years. Note the paintings on the wall, They depict a story, This was their television back then. The fireplace behind the table is an original piece.

Wine barrels in the cellar. It was fascinating to learn how long wine last. Some of these have been around for over one hundred years. They must keep a degree of temperature to keep the wine properly maintained.

Down into the torture chamber. Back in the medieval times, the average height was 5'6, So the door archways required some ducking to go into. Here we can also see some tools that could've been used for torture, It seems like a preparation area.

Here we have a real dungeon. They literally left people to die here back in the days.

People probably has seen one of these doors a lot on cartoons or TV shows. An interesting fact about the spikes is they do not penetrate, only poke.

A better view of the door.

Finishing the tour off with wine tasting. Spending time at this amazing winery was a fun experience. We had an amazing tour guide that did a wonderful job explaining everything about the place and its origins.

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